The Weirdest Museums You Can Only Find in India

Talking about a museum, you must simply think about a place to collect artifacts or other historical items. But in India, there are some museums that are considered unique or even weird. But despite their weirdness, those museums simply attract visitors from all around the world to come in. Sure, it is because they are the only in the world and none in other places. Therefore, if you have a plan to visit India in the near future, it is not bad at all to go to the museum and feel the weirdness.

The Weirdest Museums You Can Only Find in India

The Weirdest Museums You Can Only Find in India

The Brain Museum

The first weird museum from India is the Brain Museum, located in Bangalore. Yes, just like the name, the museum has more than a hundred collections and other body organs. Although it sounds creepy, it is actually reasonable why the museum was established. The Brain Museum is a part of the complex of the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Science. Besides, the museum itself is still new. It was opened for the first time in October 2018.

In the museum, you can watch and even touch the brains as well as other organs that have been preserved. There are a total of around 600 brains in the museum. Each of the specimens comes from a patient with a problem or disorder in their brain. Yes, you can take a look of samples of the brains from patients with diseases like Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia, Parkinson’s, and other mental problems.

You should not worry; the collections are from them who voluntarily donate their brains and organs for science and knowledge after they have died. Sure, more than just for being displayed, the collections are also for being studied for the sake of the development of knowledge in India.

The Weirdest Museums You Can Only Find in India

The Weirdest Museums You Can Only Find in India

Sulabh International Museum of Toilets

Yes, you are not misreading, India has a museum that is dedicated to toilets. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets presents numerous collections of toilets from all around the world. The designs are varied starting from the traditional to modern ones There are descriptions given to the toilets displayed. This way, you cannot only “enjoy” the designs of the collections but also learn about the history or background why such toilets are made.

Although it sounds weird, the establishment of the museum has a very good purpose. In 1970, most of the Indian people must urinate or defecate in open areas because they indeed didn’t have private toilets at home. This problem caused Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak to build paid public toilets. In the beginning, his idea was laughed at by many people there. But later, his public toilets were highly demanded. Finally, Dr. Pathak opened a company with the name Sulabh International.

Nowadays, most the Indian people already have their own toilets at home. The company that provides public toilets has turned into the museum. Currently, Sulabh Museum has successfully gained so many visitors.

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