Government Museum

Visiting a museum in India? Why not? In fact, people should not miss the opportunity for visiting one of the greatest museums in India especially when they are visiting Chennai. The Government Museum is a must visit place in Chennai. This museum is located in Egmore and it is the second oldest museum which can be found in the country. There are some cool things which make this museum much more attractive after all.

Life-Size Animatronic T-Rex

The very first attraction which can be interesting not only for the adult visitors but also the kids must be the animatronic T-Rex which comes in a life-size. It feels like a real one because its mouth can open with a loud roar. This great attraction can be found in the section of natural history. It is only next to the room where people can see a whale skeleton. The T-Rex cannot walk but it can moves the head from side to side so it feels quite real. People who love Jurassic Park surely will love the element in the museum.



One of the Oldest Libraries in India

Inside the museum complex, people can also find one of the oldest libraries in India. It is called the Connemara Library. This is the place where people are able to the ancient texts as well as the centuries-old publications. People even can find the Bible which was published in 1608. Book lovers surely do not want to miss the opportunity to visit the library which has about 600,000 books collection within.

The Children’s Museum

Children need a fun way to learn various subjects including history and physics. Nevertheless, the children will find it interesting to take lessons at the Children’s Museum which can also be found in the Government Museum complex. It is sure that the children will love this section in the complex because they can find the exhibits of knowledge from the animal history to the scientific advancement which is presented in colorful visual. The kids will have a pleasant memory visiting this museum for sure.

children museum

children museum

The Natural History Museum

For people who spend most of their time to be in the modern city environment which makes them cannot be far from the computer or TV, it seems like they do not have the opportunity to know the wildlife better except those devices. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry because they can get a better way to know more about the wildlife by visiting the Natural History Museum which can be found in the complex of the Government Museum. This museum section comes with beautiful sounds and visuals but the biggest attraction which people can find at this section must be the mammoth skeleton in a life-size. When people cannot grasp the size and scale of wildlife when watching it on the television or computer, they will be able to do it by visiting this museum. In the vast area, people can see the animal exhibition from all around the world.

natural history

natural history

The Museum Theatre

The part of the Government Museum which is visited the most is the Museum Theatre. It comes with great technology and people can see this is the hub for the theatre groups which can be found in the city. There are 600 seats available and it is made with the art acoustic state and completed with air conditioner. Everyone seating on the seats even at the furthermost part will be able to hear the actor’s voice properly. This theatre should be visited when there is a performance of a play to make sure that they can experience the amazing entertainment in this space.


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