Museum Of Art The Best And Most Famous Thing You Can Visit In India

Museum Of Art The Best And Most Famous Thing You Can Visit In India. Art and history are intricately interwoven and bound together throughout the ages. It is almost impossible to determine when history began without recognizing when humans started to become artistic. If you are interested in how art, dadu online and history grow mutually in human’s chronicle, especially in India, where the cradle of human civilizations exists, there are several art museums that you should visit in India. Four of them are listed below.

Venkatappa Art Gallery

"Museum Of Art The Best And Most Famous Thing You Can Visit In India

This premier museum in Chandigarh has some characteristics that make it one of the most unique art museums on earth. To start with, this museum was established as a consequence of the partition of India and Pakistan. During the partition, the ownership of the artworks stored at the Central Museum, Lahore, had to be shared between the two countries, with 60 percent going to Pakistan and the remaining 40 percent to India. This museum was established to keep India’s share. Secondly, it was designed by the world’s renowned artist and architect Le Corbusier, making the building itself an invaluable work of art. If you don’t care about its history and care less about its architecture, you will still be amazed by its collection, which includes the artefacts of the ancient Gandharan civilization, Pahari paintings, and other ancient artworks as well as contemporary ones.

Kiran Nadar Museum of Art

Museum Of Art The Best

Not every art museum that you can visit in India is owned by the government and non-profit organizations. Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, established in 2010, is one of the youngest art museums in India; however, it is the first private enterprise to establish a contemporary art museum that is open to the public. You need visit this museum, after you visit you will surprised. Many things you never see before.

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