Indian Museum and Madras Museum, the Two Biggest Museums in India

Indian Museum and Madras Museum, the Two Biggest Museums in India. India is among the earliest places where human’s history can be traced back. The most famous ancient civilizations that shaped the world cultures originated in India. If you are a history lover, visiting India’s numerous museums is a definitely rewarding activity that will broaden your knowledge about the biggest human achievements throughout their history.

Of the hundreds, if not thousands, of museums that you can visit in India, two museums are notably famous due to their historical significance, size, and collection. The two museums are the Indian Museum and the Madras Museum. Let’s explore the reasons why these two museums should not be omitted from your itinerary when you travel to India.

Indian Museum

"Indian Museum and Madras Museum, the Two Biggest Museums in India

Madras Museum is a worthy destination for history lovers due to its rich collection of historical artefacts. Like the Museum, it also includes 6 different sections that represent the different branches of human knowledge, including Amravati paintings, archaeology, art, natural history, numismatics, and zoology. This museum also features a library with a rich collection of ancient manuscripts.

Like Indian Museum, Madras Museum also features imported artefacts in addition to its rich Indian artefact collection. If you have to go to Indian Museum to observe Egyptian artefacts, you will be encouraged to visit this museum to observe ancient Roman artefacts, which, again, are considered rarities that you seldom see outside Italy.

Indian Museum and Madras Museum

Indian Museum and Madras Museum

The government plans to open a 3D theatre in the museum complex. Making it the first government-sponsored museum to feature one. If you plan to visit this museum soon. You can expect the theatre to be one of the newest attractions that you can enjoy.

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