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History of the Government Museum in Chennai

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Government Museum

There are so many great places in India which people should visit and there is no doubt that visiting Chennai is an experience which people should consider. Visiting Chennai will not be complete without visiting the Government Museum in Egmore. This museum is considered as one of the oldest museums in the country. Besides this title, there are so many other great things which people can find when exploring the museum. They might have a question about the history of the museum and it can be another interesting element which people can get from this museum.

Since 1851

There is no doubt that this museum is labeled as one of the oldest museums in the country because it was started in 1851. In the beginning, this museum was on the campus with the tree shade. It was known as the Pantheon Complex which comes with the building’s mix which is charming and used for various purposes. This is the reason why the road outside the museum was taken from that name.

Government Museum


The man behind the building of this museum was Edward Balfour who was the surgeon from Scotland. He was not only a surgeon but also an ardent Orientalist. He became the pioneer of the public health and forest conservation in the country. The raising of the buildings is continued until the early of the 19th century. Besides as the founder of the museum, he also became the first officer in charge of the museum. He made it possible to attract many people to visit this museum pretty quickly in the decade it was built. The women were also encouraged to visit the museum on certain days. It seemed that there are more people who were attracted to the museum because of a live tiger cub; he also opened a zoo which became the home for almost 300 animals. However, the zoo was moved to the People’s Park later.

Government Museum

Government Museum

The Museum Today

People can try to visit and walk in the area on a summer day. It is sure that many things have changed since the founder’s time. However, people can still see the grounds which are decorated with the past remains. People can find the National Art Gallery which is very captivating since it is the place where people can see the painting of Raja Ravi Varma and the Mughal miniatures. Of course, people must not forget to pay a visit to the Connemara Library.