India is proud of her cultural Treasures---- संग्रहालय: ज्ञान का वातावरण | ---- Museum: Heritage & Development go Hand in Hand.---- संग्रहालय: अतीत का माध्यम- भविष्य का शिक्षक | ----Musuem: Unfolds our glorious past.---- संग्रहालय: सांस्कृतिक थाती का रक्षक | ----Museum: Saves our Culture Heritage.---- संग्रहालय: राष्ट्रीय ऐक्य व् उन्नायक | ---- War or Peace – Muesum Preserves Culture Heritage. <---- संग्रहालय: अतीत का दर्पण | ----Museum Mirror of Past.

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Government Freedom Struggle Museum, Meerut was establish in 1997. It is located in the Shaheed Smarak compound on Delhi Road, about 6 km north-east from the city railway station and at a distance of about 200 meters from the Delhi Bus Station. Visitors can stay in various guest houses, private lodges and hotels.

The Museum's main aim is the collection, preservation, documentation and exhibition of cultural property and to make it available for educational activities as well as for creation of awareness about our glorious past. Presently two galleries are on display in this Museum. They depict important episodes of the War of Independence 1857 through paintings, relief, dioramas and postal stamp, photographs and also having a collection of archeological objects in meerut region.

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