India is proud of her cultural Treasures---- संग्रहालय: ज्ञान का वातावरण | ---- Museum: Heritage & Development go Hand in Hand.---- संग्रहालय: अतीत का माध्यम- भविष्य का शिक्षक | ----Musuem: Unfolds our glorious past.---- संग्रहालय: सांस्कृतिक थाती का रक्षक | ----Museum: Saves our Culture Heritage.---- संग्रहालय: राष्ट्रीय ऐक्य व् उन्नायक | ---- War or Peace – Muesum Preserves Culture Heritage. <---- संग्रहालय: अतीत का दर्पण | ----Museum Mirror of Past.

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Meerut stands at a crossroad geographically within the Indian subcontinent. On one side, a few kilometers beyond the Yamuna stretch the fertile Punjab plains and on the other the fertile Indo-Gangetic planes. The culture of Meerut region is blend of this two clturuture segements of the indians subcontinent. it is predominantly an agriculture region. the in industrial and service sectors or also distributed throghout the cities and towns. Hindi is the main language (part of North-Western Uttar Pradesh of today) takes aspects from both these sides to create a unique admixture. It is mostly an agricultural region, with a fair amount of industry and service sector distributed throughout the cities and towns of this region.

The language of this region is Hindi, one interesting fact being that its modern variant which is used all over India today originated in the area lying between Delhi and Meerut during the later part of the Mughal period. Culturally this region is unique, sharing

characterists with the culture of related parts of Haryana in modes of dress, eating habbits etc. Over this lies the cultural influence of the neighbouring Braj region. Many different dialects are therefore spoken in the Meerut region including Jatu, Gurjari etc.